50th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Peterhof Palace Pick-Pocket Prevented!

Dear Clothing Arts,

Your Adventure Travel pants stopped a pick-pocket at the Peterhof in St. Petersburg, Russia. My husband was wearing your pants and had his wallet in the large square cargo pocket on his lower thigh. He was so absorbed with taking the perfect shot of the Palace that he did not notice a young woman standing next to him who managed to get the two buttons of the pocket undone before she was noticed by someone standing nearby who sounded the alarm. She did not get the zipper opened before the alarm was sounded, and thus the wallet was saved. Its dangerous to think that the pants are totally ‘pickpocket proof.’ My husband should not have had his wallet in that lower pocket but he thought it was safe because he had on ‘pickpocket proof pants.’ However, the combination of buttons and zippers made the process of getting at his wallet time consuming enough to allow detection.

- Debra, Wisconsin, USA