45th & 46th Stopped Pick-Pockets: One In Paris & One In Rome

Editor's Note: We get our testimonials in many ways and for our 45th and 46th stopped pick-pockets we had a long-time traveler write in on our Facebook page. Although we don't have too many details surrounding these stops we do know that one happened in Paris (2013) and one in Rome (2015). These stops bring our city totals to 6 in Paris and 17 in Rome! We wrote to our traveler and asked for more information on the stop, here's what he said:

Dear Clothing Arts,

3 shorts, 1 pair of convertible pants, & 1 shirt. They have served me well over the years. I'm was 65 in Paris and am 69 now. Both times it was my wallet pocket that got hit.

- Malcolm, Arizona, USA