44th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Theft At Chiang Mai Night Market Thwarted!

Dear Clothing Arts,

Two days after the annual flower festival, I was walking down the main road of the night market in Chiang Mai, Thailand around midnight. The crowd was rather thick and I found myself having to literally brush up against others in order to get through to where I was going. When I got to the center of the market, I felt what seemed like a hand lightly slide down my right buttock.

I at first thought it might have been an accident, because everyone was bumping against everyone to make their way through the crowd. But, then it happened a second time, and this time it was clear that I had a pickpocket on my hands and they were trying to enter my rear pocket on my righthand side to grab my leather coin bag. I immediately turned to face whomever it was that was trying to rip me off. The thief scattered into the night crowd. They took with them a button from the back of my convertible adventure traveler pants. Maybe they panicked or maybe it was done as spite. Either way, my belongings were kept safe and I have only a missing button to replace. I so love these pants!

Greling from California, USA

- Editor's Note: Our last stop in Asia was 14, in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam... Read about it here!