43rd Stopped Pick-Pocket: Roman Traveler Prevents Pick-Pocket

Dear Clothing Arts,

I bought 3 pair of the pick-pocket proof pants for my trip to Italy last May.  I loved them because I didn't have to carry a purse.  Everything I needed was close at hand and very protected.  I did encounter a pick-pocket on the subway in Italy.  They were a team of three.  They came right after me, but got nothing.  I was scared to death, but glad my things were protected.  I bought the men's pants because that was what was in stock at the time.  They were fantastic!!!! Thank you so much.  

- Patricia, California

Editor’s Note: We followed up with Patricia on a phone call to find out more details. Read her interview below:

“I’m just really happy I had my [Pick-Pocket Proof ®] pants on and my valuables were safe”

What city did you encounter the pick-pockets?

  • Rome

What was the reason for your trip?

  • A religious pilgrimage to see the city’s many holy sites.

How many people went on the trip?

  • About 50 people

Where were you when you encountered the pick-pockets?

  • At the end of a long day of sightseeing, the priest leading the trip, Father Paul, asked if anyone in the group would want to do an optional walking tour. Afterwards, Father Paul walked our small group to a subway and even warned the group to beware of pick-pockets! The group had to transfer to 2 to 3 different subway lines to get back to the hotel.

When did you notice something was wrong?

  • While on the way back, a team of 3 “interesting” looking people got on the train; 2 guys and 1 girl. I was standing and holding the pole in the metro when the they approached me. One came right up and put his hand right on the same pole. He started bumping into me to distract me.

How was the pick-pocket stopped?

  • He openly tried to pick my pocket but couldn’t get through the zipper due to the buttoned flap and gave up! They then went on to try and pick-pocket another woman on the tour and successfully got into her wide-open hand bag and were able to retrieve a few items before the priest intervened to stop the thieves.