147 Stopped Pick-Pocket: 1½ Stops On Barcelona's Metro!

Editor's Note: This is your 13th known stop in Barcelona and two stop in a row for the city!

Dear Clothing Arts,

A few weeks ago in Barcelona my wife and I were getting on a metro elevator from street level to go down to the metro. We each had a small suitcase and a backpack. A guy squeezed onto the elevator with us and I felt his hand trying to get into my front top pocket. When we arrived at the bottom all he had accomplished was getting the button open, the first of 3 layers. I just laughed at the jerk.

Watch out if you are going on these metro elevators. On a metro, I had a guy staring at my pants pocket. He didn't even bother. He seemed to know it wasn't going to work out well for him.

Thanks for the great pants. I have long and short models.

- Steven S. from Texas, USA.