113th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Cairo International Airport Arrival Greeting By A Pick-Pocket

Editor's Note: This is your first known stop in Egypt!

Dear Clothing Arts,

I was just arriving in Cairo after a long flight. I had taken my wallet out of my backpack and used the ATM card to get some cash. I never keep my wallet on me when I travel but for some reason I put it in my back pocket (against the advice of my wife) and closed the zipper and buttons.

As my wife and I were standing just outside of the terminal waiting on our driver, a group of people pushed along the sidewalk and forced me to move back. I fell back into someone and when I moved forward, a man followed very close behind me. My wife told me to check my wallet, which I did. Luckily, I had the Clothing Arts pants on and everything buttoned down. He got the buttons undone but the zipper was still keeping everything secure.


- Jeremy M from Florida, USA