112th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Nothing happened in India, Anniversary in Lisbon However...

Editor's Note: This review came to us via a review for the Adventure Traveler Pants.

Title: Lisbon Portugal Save 3.6.19
Rating: ****
Author: Brian S. from South Carolina, USA

I bought my pants for India in January. Nothing happened. My wife and I came to Portugal for our anniversary. On the second night I felt a pull on the right cargo pocket while waiting to cross the street. I immediately swept my hand back and found that the rear button was undone. So was the front, but the center snap was still in place. The only thing in that pocket was my camera, which was still there. 20 seconds later, I was approached by an undercover police officer who was following three pickpockets. He asked me if I still had all my property, and I replied, "Yes, Sir, I'm wearing Pickpocket Proof Pants." Not happy that the try was made, but love the Lisbon Police and the PPPP.