111th Stopped Pick-Pocket: A Good Day To Lose A Wallet In Gdansk!

Editor's Note: This testimonial is your first known stop in Poland and originally came to use from a Facebook comment:

It turns out that Malcolm had previously reported stopped pick-pockets #45/46 in Paris and Rome, so this is only stop #111. You can read the previous testimonials here: 45th & 46th Stopped Pick-Pockets: One In Paris & One In Rome

Here is what happened in Poland for stop #111:

Dear Clothing Arts,

Yesterday in Poland. Gdansk. One of the group was pick-pocketed. For the past 6 years, I have used your products. Shirt, shorts, and pants. At any rate, I told everyone in the group about Clothing Arts. The wife of the gentleman who lost his wallet, along with 5 others. Also wrote down, or entered your information into their phones. I hope you see some new customers from this.

Thank to Clothing Arts I have not had these problems.

Malcolm J. from Arizona, USA