110th Stopped Pick-Pocket: The Mona Lisa Pick-Pocket Who Never Gave Up!

Editor's Note: This is your 19th stopped pick-pocket in Paris!

Dear Clothing Arts,


The last time I was in Paris trying to see the Mona Lisa in that jam-packed room at the Louvre, a VERY determined woman made several tries at my Pick-Pocket Proof® Business Travel Pants back pocket.

I had some Paris travel brochures stored there and she would just not stop even when I turned around and gave her my best indignant glare. FUNNY, I know, but since I had nothing to lose I let her continue!?!?!?

I had no choice really because the Mona Lisa was on my bucket list and you know that belly to belly crowd of selfie taking teenagers was hard to accommodate. I made it through finally and got to see her from a distance, behind the THICK glass; all while being felt up by an OLD French woman!!! Oh, and she never even got around to undoing the button….

​- ​John​ B​ from Mississippi, USA

Here is the photo John was taking: