114 Stopped Pick-Pocket: Pick-Pockets Swarm My Wife & I At Notre-Dame de Paris!

Editor's Note: This is your 20th stopped pick-pocket in Paris!

Dear Clothing Arts,

A few weeks ago, while walking across a crowded bridge in Paris close to Notre-Dame, my wife and I were both “swarmed” by young teenage girls with the pretext of signing their petition. Quickly, the girls turned their attention from me to concentrate on my wife’s small purse at her waist. I have no doubt that they quickly realized my pants pockets could not be solved.

Upon this realization, I was able to extricate my wife from the swarm, where she realized the zipper on her purse had been opened. Luckily, only our daily itinerary had been removed and quickly discarded when they realized it was not currency.

These pants really work!

- Dale H from Florida, USA