70th & 71st Stopped Pick-Pockets: Two Stops In One Trip - Rome & Barcelona!

(Left) Arch of Constantine in Rome, Italy | (Right) Aerial View of Las Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain

Editor's Note: This stopped pick-pocket story originally comes from a ***** star review on our Pick-Pocket Proof® Adventure Travel Pants. Our Founder / Designer immediately reached out and was able to get some more detailed information on the stopped pick-pocket experiences. Check out Clark's original review and full email below!

Dear Clothing Arts,

I don't know if you remember, however I ordered the Travel Pants, but they were not scheduled to arrive until after we departed. You answered the phone as you were leaving the shop, and personally got me the Adventure pants - overnight - as a replacement!! (BTW-I just ordered the Travel pants yesterday in anticipation of my 6th trip to Russia, searching for the remains of Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov. The GD, brother of Tsar Nikolas, was actually the last Tzar and was murdered in June 1918 outside the city of Perm.)

Incident #1 - Barcelona

We were walking on a side street of Las Ramblas, actually in the market - fish, meat, pastries, cheese, vegetables...and it was crowded! I felt someone brush against me - not unusual, however their hand was trying to open my front right pocket. I never got a good look at the perpetrator due to the movement of the crowd.

Incident #2 - Rome

I have lived and worked in many countries and try to blend. I usually buy a local newspaper and shove it under my arm, hoping the locals will think I belong. Unfortunately I did not have time to purchase a paper and was trying to figure out the train platform and departure time. I just looked lost and harried and hence a target for being bumped into with the intent of relieving me of my wallet. The individuals who "bumped" into me were very apologetic and, of course, worried about the mess they had made with my clothes, especially the pants which they tried to smooth out! Sorry about their luck!

- G. Clark from Colorado, USA