39th & 40th Stopped Pick-Pockets: Two Pick-Pockets in Two Days in Rome, Italy

Email #1 - December 22, 2016

My family is in Rome, Italy right now. Inside a metro train yesterday, my husband caught a young teenager opening his pants to get to his iPhone. The extra button protection stopped the girl from getting my son's phone. She immediately jumped out of the train. Thanks to your brilliant travel pants! My husband and I own several pairs.

Lorna from North Carolina, USA

Email #2 - December 23, 2016

Hi Adam,

Your pants saved my husband the second time again. We went to watch a soccer game of Roma team at the former olympic arena. The metro bus was packed and a well dressed man almost got to my husband's pocket. The pickpocket was able to open the zipper and buttons. What saved my husband was the depth of the front pockets. He had several hundred euros in there as well as several credit cards. Your pants are well designed to thwart pickpockets. My husband is now self aware when he is in crowded metros. We owe you our safety.