41st Stopped Pick-Pocket: Blocked On A Barcelona Bus

Dear Clothing Arts,

My first pair of Pick-pocket proof travel pants gave me security and comfort travelling in Eastern Africa in 2013 – but saw no action. My second pair thwarted a fellow on a bus in Barcelona last year. The bus was standing room, but not so full as to expect contact. A fellow passenger talking on his cell phone with his left hand and with a sweater draped over his left arm leaned against me. OK, I thought this was just a friendly Spanish culture thing. But after some contact, I felt light tugging on my right rear zipper. The guy was a pro. Using his hidden right hand, he got past the buttons without my realizing, but he took too long and the added security of the zipper saved the day. At that second I turned surprised and angry. He seemed perplexed and surprised as well, likely because he was caught and the pants proved too much of a challenge. Saved my wallet and all the hassles of replacing credit cards and ID. Great travel pants!

Lance from Alberta, Canada