162nd Stopped Pick-Pocket: On A Crowded Bus From The Eiffel Tower!

Editor's Note: This is your 30th known stopped pick-pocket in Paris!!!

Dear Clothing Arts,

Before my first vacation to Europe I purchased the pick proof adventure pants, my wife thought I was nuts for doing that. That was until the night of Aug 25th, 2019 around 11 pm, my wife and I got on a crowded bus in Paris from the Eiffel Tower.

A group of people got between my wife and I and I was sandwiched between a couple of guys. An attempt was made to get onto my back pocket of my pick proof adventure pants. I felt the person try to get the button undone of my back pocket, where I was keeping a wallet with nothing in it but receipts of souvenirs and food purchases the real wallet was in my front pocket behind the 3 layer protection.

When I reached back and touched the hand I asked, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING???" The lady that was trying to open the button quickly moved away with the help of her friends, and at the next stop got off. My wife was a skeptic about the pants until that happened, now she is suggesting I purchase some more.

Thanks!! These pants saved our vacation.

- Larry and Melanie D. from Grand Rapids, Michigan