150th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Frustrated "Mr. Pickpocket" in Old Town Barcelona!

Editor's Note:  Incredibly, this is milestone stopped pick-pocket #150, and the 14th overall known stop in Barcelona!

Dear Clothing Arts,

On 6 July 19, my wife and I were on our way back to our hotel from the Old Town district of Barcelona in mid-afternoon via a well-trafficked residential street (stop lights, not just pedestrian crosswalks) when we both felt something warm hit us from behind. It was a warm, thick, light brownish liquid which we immediately took to be pigeon splatter down our backs.

A “good samaritan” came from an apartment building entrance way saying along the lines of “I saw what happened. Allow me to help.” He produced a handful of small, white cocktail-type napkins and a bottle of water out of his carry pouch, proceeded to wet them and indicated that I should clean the wife while he “worked” on me. With the shock, disgust, and embarrassment of the moment, all seemed perfectly reasonable.

Despite the fact that Mr. Pickpocket had the opportunity to be hands-on-body for more than ample time to lift my wallet several times over, my Clothing Arts travel pants kept my wallet safe in my front, zippered, and buttoned pocket. The frustrated pickpocket departed empty-handed in the opposite direction of our travel with NOTHING when we discovered that the goo was a cappuccino, not a pigeon.

I will be adding a third pair of travel adventure pants to my travel wardrobe before our next trip! Thank You Clothing Arts!!

- Loren W. from West Virginia, USA