151st Stopped Pick-Pocket: European Trip Saved Day One in Madrid!

Editor's Note: This is the second stop in a row in Spain!

Dear Clothing Arts,

Day one in Madrid. July 14, 2019. Our family of 6 standing near the theater waiting for our show to start. We all leave in a group but my father-in-law was a little behind us. In a split second a man ran into him abruptly, almost to knock him over. He felt the man's hand against his Convertible Pants pocket (he was wearing the shorts at the time). My father in law turned around and he was gone.

It happened around a large crowd with plenty of distractions. Good thing he was wearing his Convertible Pants!! So glad we have a variety of pants and shorts for our trip. We don’t return to the USA until the end of July and have more cities to visit. Day one could have been a disaster but thank goodness we came prepared.

Thank you Clothing Arts!!

- Kelly S. from Florida, USA