152nd Stopped Pick-Pocket: Boy Scout Blocks Pick-Pocket in Barcelona!

Editor's Note: This is the 3rd straight stop in Spain and the 15th overall for Barcelona!

Dear Clothing Arts,

Once a Boy Scout, always a Boy Scout. I took the motto for the Boy Scouts, “Be Prepared” to heart as I researched my travel destination and discovered that Barcelona, Spain is a target-rich environment for pickpocket thieves. I needed to find a solution to avoid being a pickpocket victim. I found my way to Clothing Arts and purchased a pair of the Pick Pocket Proof Adventure Travel Pants and Shorts. The Adventure Pants/Shorts provided me with that little extra layer of security while exploring the beautiful city of Barcelona. I found myself always checking and double-checking the zippers, buttons, and button tabs while walking about.

One evening, I encountered an open-air concert complete with food and drink stalls in a plaza. There were massive amounts of people in attendance, both locals and tourists. I kept thinking to myself, this is a target-rich environment for pickpocket thieves. I was on high alert. Security comes with a price. I purchased a tapa plate and a drink. Plate in one hand and drink in the other. My hands were tied. I navigated the crowd of people to find a place to enjoy my snack and rock out to the band. I found my way to an open spot and set my plate and drink down on a nearby ledge and performed a security check:

both front pockets: secured
back left pocket: breached

Both back pocket buttons were opened. Both zippers were still closed. The back pocket triple protection (buttons and double zipper design) kept my passport safe and secure.

The Adventure Travel Pants/Shorts are not only for traveling in pick-pocket hot spots. They are my new go-to Pants/Shorts for every outing - theme parks, hikes, festivals, concerts, etc.

The Adventure Travel Pants are domestic airport TSA friendly as well as international airport security friendly. I saw many travelers digging through their luggage and/or carry-on bags to locate their passport. The Travel Pants allowed me to keep my luggage/bags zipped while going through the airport. Passport access was just two buttons and two zippers away for a speedy and in some cases not-so-speedy walk through Customs.

One last note, the morning after the open-air concert, I overheard an upset and angry traveler in the hotel lobby. He was victimized by a pick-pocket thief (or thieves) during the evening concert. He was on the phone speaking with a financial institution working on getting a new card expedited to the hotel. I was a proud "survivor" of an attempted pick-pocket so I felt compelled to share my experience with the fellow traveler. I mentioned that the saving grace was my Clothing Arts Pick-Pocket Proof Adventure Travel Pants with the numerous secure pockets and specifically designed triple protection pocket. The fellow traveler wanted to buy my pants off me ... but he did not have any money to do so. As soon as the fellow traveler recovers from his loss, he is going to invest in some Clothing Arts Adventure Pants.

Thank you Clothing Arts for making traveling enjoyable without having to worry about being a pick pocket victim!

Ryan N. from California, USA