145th Stopped Pick-Pocket: On The 4th Day In Paris A Pick-Pocket Strikes!

Editor's Note:  This is your 29th known stopped pick-pocket in Paris. The city now has a 3 stop advantage over Rome as the "unofficial" pick-pocket capital of the world!

Dear Clothing Arts,

Received my pants (dress pants) just before my trip - Prague, no one tried to pickpocket me, Krakow, no one, Vienna, no one even tried —- 4th day in Paris I am riding the subway, one hand on a handrail, one on my wife’s hand - I feel just the slightest “tickle” and reach down and asked the 16-year-old girl next to me if she is trying to pickpocket me. Seems she was reaching through her bag and had gotten the front pocket zipper up about 1/3rd of the way - but couldn’t get anymore. She was “fighting” it when I felt her - she ran like hell when the door opened.

She wouldn’t have gotten anything anyway (cash and credit card were behind the Velcro section).

So your Pickpocket Proof Pants saved 1-Visa Card, 1-Amex Card, and 100€ (I spread cards and cash between multiple pockets just in case)

Thanks for a great product.

- Steve D. from California, USA

PS - Your pants also saved me in an unforeseen way, they are super light and comfortable even in Paris’ record-breaking heat.