142, 143, 144th Stopped Pick-Pockets: Venice Vaporetto Pick-Pockets 0, Pick-Pocket Proof Pants® 3!

Today, we are proud to bring you an incredible triple-stop from Venice, Italy! The beauty and uniqueness of the city create amazement and opportunities for distraction unique in all the world. Combine that with the confined spaces aboard the public boats, the vaporetto, which navigate its canals/waterways, and you have a pick-pocket's playground.

Travelers wearing their Pick-Pocket Proof ®️ Apparel have encountered pick-pockets here before but never like John W. from California, USA, did on a recent travel. His Adventure Travel Pants ran into not one, or two, but three pick-pockets! It is a good thing he had triple-secure pockets...

This testimonial came via Facebook and we followed up to learn more. We have not heard back to add more to the story, but based on when the story was submitted, it is time to publish it. We will follow up if / when we learn more.

Here is how it happened: