119th Stopped Pick-Pocket: European Vacation Safeguarded At The Vatican!

Editor's Note: Rome takes back the title of "unofficial" pick-pocket capital with 24 known stops. This is an excerpt from a recent Adventure Travel Pants review.

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Title: Excellent, purpose-built pants.

Quite simply these are very comfortable, purpose-built pants. I go on 2 or 3 vacations abroad each year and have mainly used a bulky money belt or 5.11 cargo pants for security in the past... After determining that the pants fit comfortably and all of the snaps, buttons, and zippers functioned I removed the sales tags and washed the pants prior to use. They laundered very well and came out of the dryer wrinkle-free. I wore the pants for a few days prior to vacation to get used to the fit and using the extra security pockets. They took some extra effort but were still able to be used in a functional manner. They are also stain and water repellent. I managed to splash water on the front of them while washing my hands and mostly all of the water beaded off the pants. They were comfortable to wear during 60+° days.

On the first day of my vacation, I wore the Adventure Travel Pants in Barcelona and felt confident that the pants would do their job. There were no issues with fit or function, and I was able to access my pockets when needed and immediately secure them after use. After embarking on our cruise, I saw another passenger wearing a pair of CA pants during a stop in Florence, Italy. As I was wearing mine at the time, he remarked about the pants and indicated that he was pleased with his collection, too.

Upon completion of our cruise, we spent several days in Rome and used public transportation and walked as well. The areas we visited were packed with tourists and others, and it would have been difficult to guard against thievery without my CA pants. During one packed day outside of the Vatican, I was constantly being pushed and jostled while in a large crowd. I noticed afterward that one of the buttons on my back pocket was undone, but the contents were still safe because of the other button and zipper. I also noticed there was some tugging on my right front pocket where my cell phone was, however, the button tab was secured and stopped the zipper from being undone. I’m sure this was an attempted theft that was prevented by the pants.

In closing, I think that the pants are well constructed and seem like they will hold up to heavy use during a vacation where pocket security is required. Although a bit pricey, consider the cost and aggravation.

- Edward B. from New Jersey, USA.