December 06, 2018

97th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Bali International "Grab" & Bump!

​Editor's Note: This is your first stop in Indonesia.

Dear Clothing Arts,

I was very anxious to get your shorts prior to my trip to Bali, Indonesia. Thankfully they arrived right before my departure. I traveled from LAX to Hong Kong to Bali International. I felt so much more secure and confident with my belongings wearing your clothing right from the very start of my trip. It was on my trip back from Bali to the US where I had a particularly uncomfortable encounter. You think Bali, the land of yoga and meditation and peace, but their airport is one of the worst I’ve seen. I was waiting in the security line where this guy does a full body press on me. I thought he wanted a piggyback ride or something.

I turn around and he acts like everything’s normal. Well, I’ve got all my money, wallet, and passport buried deep in my pockets, zipped, buttoned, secured. I check everything after my bodycheck from this guy and everything was good. What this guy’s intentions were I can’t be positive, but I was very glad to have your shorts on.  

I love these shorts so much, I immediately ordered a second pair (and now I’ve ordered the cubed travel jacket as well). The quality is great, but the peace of mind is possibly even better.  

Thanks for a great product!

Tom W. from California, USA ​


November 26, 2018

96th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Paris Gare du Nord Metro Station Stop!

Editors Note: This is your 15th overall stop in Paris. 

Dear Clothing Arts,

Before leaving for Ireland and France in September, I mentioned to our traveling companions that pick-pockets were a real threat in Paris, especially on trains! One thought I was just being paranoid and since he is about 6’3” and 250lbs, thieves would likely strike elsewhere. Besides, he would be wearing double button cargo shorts so he would be safe enough, right?

Well, guess what? While boarding a train to Paris at a country station outside Paris, BOOM!, his cell phone disappeared from his two-button secured, back pocket … within a distance of about 12 feet and 10 seconds. He felt and saw nothing but yet the phone was gone. He hadn’t sat down or in any other way had put the phone at risk of falling out of his pocket either.

That same day two other friends of ours were with my wife and I in Paris as we were attempting to insert those little train tickets into the turnstile at a train station. One friend felt someone’s hand in the crowd brush her hand while holding the zipper on her purse. She held on tight and the attempt failed. Whew!

Then, on September 18th, the six of us were entering the Gare du Nord station in Paris. Again at the ticket turnstile with crowds of people around, wearing my Clothing Arts Travel Pants, I felt a hand ‘brush’ my left … secured pocket … and lost nothing. I spun around and the thief threw up both of his hands and basically said “What’s the problem?” and promptly disappeared. So, yea Clothing Arts!

But the story isn’t yet over.

The 6 of us regrouped and made our way to a train that was heavily crowded. AND we were on for just ONE stop!

Guess what?

My friend who had lost his cell phone, within 5 minutes of my successful deterrence, had his wallet stolen. (I actually saw the 2 men tag team, of thieves brazenly ‘do the deed,’ but unfortunately, in my naivete, I didn’t understand what I was seeing UNTIL we got off the train, and discovered the theft.)

All of this really did spoil our Paris feelings but reinforced the need for your products whenever we travel. I have a pretty clear feeling that you now have more customers for their next trip.

- Lance M, Washington, USA

November 01, 2018

92/93/94/95th Stopped Pick-Pockets: Incredible Athens Airport Metro Quadruple Stop!

Editor's Note: This is the 7th overall stopped pick-pocket in Athens and the second multi-stop by a single traveler. Read the previous testimonial here: 15 & 16th Stopped Pick-Pocket by One Traveler in Athens!

Dear Clothing Arts,

Add me to your list of happy customers who have thwarted pick-pockets due to your pants. I was taking the Metro from the Athens airport to downtown. I had read that there were pickpockets especially at the Syntagma station where I had to transfer trains. Well, not once, but I was saved 4 times by my pickpocket proof pants.

First, when I stood to exit the train, I was held up by what seemed a normally crowded car, but then I realized I was being intentionally held up as someone grazed my back pocket. I had to push my way out of the car. My zippered and buttoned back pocket saved my wallet and passport.  

I entered the next train car which I was to take only one stop. I stood by the door and a fellow got right up in front of me. I stared him in the face as if to say, “I can see you so don’t try anything.” At this time a young woman behind me directed some comments to me in Greek. As the door opened at my stop, the fellow in front of me tried to impede me, as someone brushed up against me from behind. Once again, I had to forcefully shove the guy in front of me so I could keep moving.

As I proceeded toward the escalator, I saw the woman who had directed some words to me in the train. She saw me and said, “They were trying to rob you.” I assured her that my zippered pockets had saved the day. So then, I am riding up the escalator to the exit and a fellow ahead of me steps back down the escalator as we near the top of the ride and obstructs me, as someone brushed up against me from behind! Once again, I forcefully shoved this fellow aside and had aborted a third attempt at felony. This same fellow then raced ahead of me on the second escalator taking us up to street level and stood poised above me about 4 steps staring back at me. I stared him right in the face, not believing his boldness/stupidity. Sure enough, as we hit the end of the escalator’s climb he stood there in my way slowing me up so his accomplice could go for my rear pocket. Once again I shoved the perpetrator aside who then motioned to his accomplice (a female) that they should move on.

I could not believe the number of attempts in such a small period of time. I had never had this experience before. Was in Athens for a week and never had another incident, the town seemed quite safe otherwise. I took the bus back to the airport to be safer when exiting town. The Pick-Pocket Proof pants I was wearing left me with a confident feeling that no pickpocket would be able to remove anything from my person. The pants paid for themselves right there.  

Thanks, Clothing Arts.

Greg from Pennsylvania, USA

October 26, 2018

91st Stopped Pick-Pocket: Barcelona Metro Team Head Home Empty Handed!

Editor's Note: This is your 9th stopped pick-pocket in Barcelona!

Dear Clothing Arts,
On Day 4 of our trip to Spain this month, we were on the Barcelona metro at rush hour, on our way back to the hotel from a day out. At the stop before ours four young men boarded, three stood between us and the door. Oddly, one moved behind me and stood there without grabbing a rail. As the train pulled into the station one of the men who stood in front of my wife suddenly bent over and began to wretch and spit up a little bit on the floor. His and his friend's position prevented my wife from moving forward. The man on the floor looked up at us and wretched again. At that point, I noticed the man behind me had his hand in my front pocket. I removed the man’s hand and we exited. Because of Barcelona’s reputation for active pick-pockets, I never went anywhere without my wallet and passport zipped inside the interior pocket of my Clothing Arts business shorts. The man managed to unzip the outer pocket without me noticing – so I was grateful for the secret Clothing Arts zipped pocket – two zippers too many to undo. Without Clothing Arts shorts I would have been without money, credit cards and travel docs. Whew. By the way, I wear my Clothing Arts business shorts even when not traveling all summer long because they are my favorite fit and finish of any short available.
So thanks for your great shorts, I’ll never travel anywhere without them.

- Charles S. from North Carolina, USA


October 17, 2018

90th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Paris Pick-Pocket Duo Decides Against The Challenge!

Editor's Note:  We design our pockets to deter pick-pockets well before they ever think about an attempt. A pick-pocket is looking for an easy target, and in our pants, with your valuables stored behind multiple levels of security, you are anything but... The front zippers will tell them to go find another mark with pockets they are accustomed to dealing with. This testimonial is the first deterred pick-pocket we have published as it was witnessed. Most pick-pocket attempts go unreported and unless you catch them red-handed there is "no one to hear the tree fall in the forest." This is the 14th stopped pick-pocket in Paris.

Dear Clothing Arts,

We just got back from trip to Russia and France for which I bought your pick-pocket proof pants. My wife noted two guys standing behind me in a ticket line in Paris looking at my pants. They left the line, apparently concluding that the pants were difficult targets.

- Roger from New York, USA

October 12, 2018

89th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Naples to Sorrento Circumvesuviana Train Theft Prevented, Italy

Editor's Note: This testimonial was originally posted as a review on our Adventure Traveler Pants.

Original Title: In Two Words...They Worked!
Rating: ★★★★★
Product: Adventure Traveler Pants

On October 1, 2018, my wife and I got on a commuter train from Naples to Sorrento, Italy. We had been warned about pickpockets operating in the Naples train station, so I had put on my Pickpocket Proof Travel Pants in anticipation. The train platform was packed and we let the first train fill and leave the station. The second train pulled in and it looked like it would fill before we could get on. At the last second, a young man reached out and, almost literally, pulled us into the train car as the doors were closing. We were standing up and packed so tightly that sardines couldn't have breathed! For next 30 minutes, we rode cheek-by-jowl (and other body parts) with fellow train passengers. The man who helped me on the train was right next to me the whole time, and several times I thought I felt his hand on my thigh. Finally, the train car thinned out so I could turn away from him. He got off at the next stop and I reached down to my right front pocket: the button was undone, the zipper was halfway down - but my wallet was safe in my velcro pocket! Cash, ID and credit cards all safe. These pants were the best investment of my trip!

- Scott from Colorado, USA

October 11, 2018

88th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Hermitage Museum Makes 3rd Straight in St. Petersburg, Russia!

Editor's Note: This is your fourth stop in St. Petersburg overall and incredibly the third in a row for the city! It looks like there is a new contender for our top pick-pocket city list in the making.

Dear Clothing Arts,

While doing a tour of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia on September 24, 2018, I went thru a crowded room going toward the exit. There was a lot of pushing and shoving. When I got into the open, I found that my outer zipper was in the UP position. My wallet was in my front left pocket, in the inner secure pocket, and Euros were folded in the inner zipper pocket. All still secure and safe.

Well done Clothing Arts.

- George F. from Georgia, USA​

September 11, 2018

87th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Baltic Cruise Save in St. Petersburg, Russia!

Editors Note: This is stopped pick-pocket #3 for St. Petersburg overall and the second stop in a row!

This testimonial was taken from a recent ★★★★★ reveiw:
Got these right before a Baltic cruise. Thought I was going overboard with the security until I got bumped in St. Petersburg... Our guide yelled, then asked me to check my pockets. Nope, nothing taken. My wallet was in the left front pocket, inside the Velcro inner pocket. The outside pocket was zipped and the safety flap buttoned. No way it would be easy to get. Overall the pants are roomy and comfortable to travel in. They dry quickly and don’t seem to attract stains.

August 09, 2018

86th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Hermitage Pick-Pocket Stopped in St. Petersburg, Russia

Editors Note: This is our second stop in St. Petersburg!

Dear Clothing Arts,

While touring the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia on June 21st someone attempted to get my wallet out of my front right pocket. The museum was very crowded and going thru a crowded doorway, I felt some pressure against my right side.

We got to an open area and found that the zipper had been raised, but my wallet was still safe in the inner secure area.

Thanks so much for your great product.

Wayne M from Massachusetts, USA

August 02, 2018

85th Stopped Pick-Pocket: The Michelangelo's David of Stopped Pick-Pockets in Florence!

Dear Clothing Arts,

I was in the Galleria dell'Accademia (the museum where Michelangelo’s David statue is) in Florence last December and it was mobbed. Some of the galleries were really crushed in. When I left the museum I discovered that the zipper on my right hand-pocket had been pulled up to the button over flap. Someone clearly tried to unzip the pocket but was stopped by the flap.  

Thank you Clothing Arts!

- Jeffrey W from Pennsylvania, USA

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