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December 27, 2019

162nd Stopped Pick-Pocket: On A Crowded Bus From The Eiffel Tower!

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Editor's Note: This is your 30th known stopped pick-pocket in Paris!!!

Dear Clothing Arts,

Before my first vacation to Europe I purchased the pick proof adventure pants, my wife thought I was nuts for doing that. That was until the night of Aug 25th, 2019 around 11 pm, my wife and I got on a crowded bus in Paris from the Eiffel Tower.

A group of people got between my wife and I and I was sandwiched between a couple of guys. An attempt was made to get onto my back pocket of my pick proof adventure pants. I felt the person try to get the button undone of my back pocket, where I was keeping a wallet with nothing in it but receipts of souvenirs and food purchases the real wallet was in my front pocket behind the 3 layer protection.

When I reached back and touched the hand I asked, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING???" The lady that was trying to open the button quickly moved away with the help of her friends, and at the next stop got off. My wife was a skeptic about the pants until that happened, now she is suggesting I purchase some more.

Thanks!! These pants saved our vacation.

- Larry and Melanie D. from Grand Rapids, Michigan

July 31, 2019

145th Stopped Pick-Pocket: On The 4th Day In Paris A Pick-Pocket Strikes!

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Editor's Note:  This is your 29th known stopped pick-pocket in Paris. The city now has a 3 stop advantage over Rome as the "unofficial" pick-pocket capital of the world!

Dear Clothing Arts,

Received my pants (dress pants) just before my trip - Prague, no one tried to pickpocket me, Krakow, no one, Vienna, no one even tried —- 4th day in Paris I am riding the subway, one hand on a handrail, one on my wife’s hand - I feel just the slightest “tickle” and reach down and asked the 16-year-old girl next to me if she is trying to pickpocket me. Seems she was reaching through her bag and had gotten the front pocket zipper up about 1/3rd of the way - but couldn’t get anymore. She was “fighting” it when I felt her - she ran like hell when the door opened.

She wouldn’t have gotten anything anyway (cash and credit card were behind the Velcro section).

So your Pickpocket Proof Pants saved 1-Visa Card, 1-Amex Card, and 100€ (I spread cards and cash between multiple pockets just in case)

Thanks for a great product.

- Steve D. from California, USA

PS - Your pants also saved me in an unforeseen way, they are super light and comfortable even in Paris’ record-breaking heat.

July 23, 2019

140 & 141st Stopped Pick-Pockets: Paris & London Pick-Pockets Miss Their Mark!

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Editor's Note: This is the first known stop in London and the 28th in Paris! The city of lights extends its lead over Rome to two​ ​stop​s​ as the "Unofficial" Pick-Pocket Capital of the World.

Dear Clothing Arts,

I just finished a two week trip to Madrid, Paris, and London and am thankful for the protection your clothes offer. I had an attempt in Paris and London but carry nothing in my back pockets in crowded areas.

Kept front pockets of pants and shirt zipped tight and no regrets. If I ever need to add to my travel clothing, I'll look to you first.

Thanks for the security, peace of mind, and comfortable fit.

- Dan J. from Missouri, USA.

July 02, 2019

133rd Stopped Pick-Pocket: Foiled A Team Of Pick-Pockets On The Way To The Louvre!

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Editors Note: This is your 27th know stopped pick-pocket in Paris!

Dear Clothing Arts,

On May 31, 2019, my Clothing Arts Pick-Pocket Proof Pants foiled an attempted pickpocket in Paris. I had just boarded the subway on my way to the Louvre Museum and standing by the door waiting for the door to close when suddenly someone next to me dropped keys and dropped to his hands and knees on the floor of the train. He started to rub my left ankle and was telling me that I dropped keys. I knew the keys were not mine as I did not have any keys on me at that time. I got a bit irritated so I hit his hands away from my ankle. At which time he and the person behind me ran off the train just before the doors closed.

I then checked my pockets and found that the button on my right pants pocket had been undone and the zipper was unzipped 1/2 way. Apparently, while I was distracted, his accomplice tried to reach into my right pants pocket to grab my cell phone. I had my cell phone in the Velcroed part of the pocket so I had one more layer of defense which he did not breach. Luckily my Pick-Pocket Proof Pants came to my defense and my cell phone was safe.

Thanks for making a great product. I will never again travel without them.

- Clinton C. from California, USA.​

May 23, 2019

124th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Musée d'Orsay Metro Pick-Pockets Get Nothing!

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Editor's Note: This is your 26th known stop in Paris and originally came to us from a Facebook comment.

May 19, 2019

122nd Stopped Pick-Pocket: Paris Crowned Pick-Pocket Capital of The World!

Europe ›   France ›   Paris ›  

Editor's Note: Paris overtakes Rome for the first time in the 8 years we have kept this list to become the "unofficial" pick-pocket capital of the world! This is ​your​ second stop in a row ​in Paris​.

Dear Clothing Arts,

Pick-Pocket Proof Pants Work!!

I ordered a pair of the Pick-Pocket Proof Pants for a trip to Europe in March 2019. While in Paris, on the Metro/subway, the train was very crowded, and a young lady got on and stood next to me. I felt a movement on the side of my pants and turned away from her. At the next stop she got off and I check my pocket to find the zipper had been moved upward in an attempt to get my cell phone.

Thanks to your pants I still have my phone. The pants are very comfortable to wear and wash up nicely.

- Jack W. from Tennessee, USA.​

May 09, 2019

121st Stopped Pick-Pocket: Paris Metro Pick-Pocket Deterred Twice!

Europe ›   France ›   Paris ›  

Editor's Note: This is your 24th known stopped pick-pocket in Paris, and the city once again ties Rome as the "unofficial" pick-pocket capital of the world.

Dear Clothing Arts,

In Paris, after stepping off of the Metro Train, I noticed that both of my front pockets had the zippers opened up to the button flaps. Thanks for deterring them!!

- Bob G. from Oregon, USA.

April 17, 2019

117th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Paris Ties Rome as the Pick-Pocket Capital of the World!

Europe ›   France ›   Paris ›  

Editor's Note: Paris ties Rome as the "unofficial" pick-pocket capital of the world! This is your 23rd known stopped pick-pocket in the city. Our designs work by making it more difficult, and therefore, more time consuming for the pick-pocket to access your wallet. In this testimonial, we see that time difference in action. Any other pair of pants, the wallet would have been long gone by the time Bruce noticed something was happening.

Dear Clothing Arts,

I was in Paris last month and noticed three young ladies at my Metro stop. As I got on, with all my baggage, two of them got on in front of me. One of them blocked me from getting a seat and in French with an accent asked me to help her find their stop, which was fictitious.

She continued blocking my way and talking, imploring. I finally turned around and the third girl was standing right behind me with my wallet in her hand. She handed it to me and mumbled something about it falling out of my back pocket, which was impossible because I had zipped it and used the button on that pocket. Credit cards were still there and apparently most or all of my euros. Thanks.

- Bruce H. from Utah, USA.

*** Following the publication of this testimonial, there has been some questioning whether or not this was a stopped pick-pocket. We followed up with Bruce and here is his response:

I wondered the same thing before I submitted it. My take is that I didn't feel her doing anything, but that the pants gave me enough time to suspect something, and bottom line, without them I would have lost my credit cards, and about 200 euros. It was a truly devastating feeling seeing my wallet in her hand. She was obviously part of a trio trying to pick my pocket, and failed, even if only by seconds.
I don't care how you keep score. For me personally it was well worth the price of the pants to make me alert to the possibility of pickpockets and to have prevented an ugly incident.
Thanks again,
Bruce H.


April 07, 2019

116th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Paris Metro Pick-Pocket Caught Red-Handed!

Europe ›   France ›   Paris ›  

Editor's Note: This is your 22nd known stopped pick-pocket in Paris!

Dear Clothing Arts,

This reminds me, I never let you know that my Pick-Pocket-Proof Pants helped foil a pick-pocketing on the Paris Metro on May 12th, 2016. I had double-sealed the [rear] pockets that contained valuables and left the front pockets relatively accessible for low-value stuff. And that’s where I caught the hand of a pickpocket red-handed! I never travel abroad without my PPP pants!

Keep up the good work!

- Bill W. from Arizona, USA.

April 04, 2019

115th Stopped Pick-Pocket: His & Hers Pick-Pocket Experience on the Paris Métro!

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Editor's Note: This is your 21th known stopped pick-pocket in Paris!

Dear Clothing Arts,

Today, my wife's wallet and credit cards were lifted on a Paris Métro. On the same ride, I felt somebody bump into me on their way out the door. I recognized that bump because I've felt it before when my wallet was lifted.

Fortunately, I was wearing my Clothing Arts Cubed Jacket and my wallet, 2 cell phones, camera, keys, metro pass, etc are safe. If only I could convince my wife to wear your apparel.

- John H. from Idaho, USA.