205 Stopped Pick-Pocket: Misdirection on the Montmartre Metro!

Editor's Note:  This is your 38th known stopped pick-pocket attempt in Paris alone! Pick-pockets employ misdirection against us to great effect. In this testimonial, Lewis was able to use the half dozen multi-secure pockets built into his pants to distract the pick-pockets from the real prize. By spreading out his valuables around his person, Lewis was able to get one over on the team of pick-pockets working this section of the Paris metro. They went for his coin purse and left his wallet with all the money safely secure behind multiple levels of protection! Here is how it happened:

Dear Clothing Arts,

April 21, 2022, as I entered a very crowded Paris Metro near Montmartre and was standing with my back to the open train door, I felt someone tugging at my right back pocket and leg. An iPhone cable was also twisted around my right foot to distract me.

As I hit at the hand on my back right pocket and moved away to my left, my coin purse fell to the floor from my unzipped left pocket.  

I had carefully kept the right pants and hip pockets zipped where I keep my cell phone and wallet, but I had just purchased a soft drink with coins from my small coin purse and failed to zip it or my left pocket.
The coin purse fell to the ground and coins spilled to the floor. As I reached down to gather the coins and the purse, the pickpocket team scampered quickly off the train.  

Fortunately, the pockets with my wallet and cell phone were carefully protected in zipped pockets, and the thieves got nothing for their efforts.  

Had the pickpocketers been able to get the coin purse, they would have gained only a little over a few Euros as I divided my money to only have a very limited amount in the purse.  

I wear Clothing Arts shirts and pants when I travel to areas where thieves have wandering hands, and the protection has paid dividends.  

- Lewis L. from Houston, Texas