68th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Map Wielding Bandit Blocked in Lisbon!

Walking up to The Santa Justa Lift in Lisbon, Portugal

Editor's Note: This is our second stop in Lisbon! Check out the first one (stop #62) here!

Dear Clothing Arts,

Four couples were in Lisbon, Portugal in October of this year. We were walking through the streets just past the city elevator, the Santa Justa Lift, when I noticed someone touching the back of my pants. I quickly turned to find a young man with a city map in his left hand opened to hide his right hand. He had tried to open my left rear pocket and steal my passport with his right hand. I smiled and moved away from him. He stopped, looked frustrated and turned 180 degrees and walked away without looking at his map.

I can understand his frustration – I find it difficult to securely zip and button my rear pocket. And that’s a good thing! When I travel I always wear Clothing Arts pick picket proof pants. Always!

- Bill from South Carolina, USA