60th & 61st Stopped Pick-Pockets: 1 in Madrid & 1 in Morocco!

Hi Clothing Arts,

Finally getting around to the testimonial I've owed you for a few years.


A month-long trip through Europe and Morocco. Many airports, trains and train stations, subways and subway stations, city buses, tour buses, ferries, crowded tourist sites, city streets, small towns, big cities. Made it through big cities with pickpocket problems like Rome and Paris with no apparent problems (though I wonder if someone tried in those cities but I just didn't notice.) All in all a great trip but I had two "stops" on that trip:

Incident #1 - Madrid

One late night we got out of a show and headed for the subway to go back to the hotel. A couple other events let out at the same time and the subway hallways were suddenly overwhelmed with people. Big crowds waited for particular train lines. We shuffled in and out of the subway cars as a group. Suddenly I felt a smooth, faint pull on my right rear pocket. I immediately reached back but the person's hand was gone. I turned around but had no way of knowing who among the dozens of people could be the perpetrator. Luckily, I had the rear pocket double-protected with the zipper and the buttons and I didn't lose anything. The thief obviously realized what he was dealing with and moved on to greener pastures. It was a weird feeling which followed-- I was angry that someone would try to steal from me, but at the same time almost giddy that planning ahead and buying PPP pants saved me money and problems.

Incident #2 - Agadir, Morocco

I was visiting friends in a small town in southern Morocco and was traveling up to Marrakesh. To do this, I had to take a local taxi to a large taxi station in Agadir, and there transfer to another taxi which could take me to the bus station, which then would take me to Marrakesh. As I found a cab at the taxi station I was approached by two men who began begging me for money. One of the men became very aggressive, came very close to me and began shouting at me to give him money. As I opened the taxi door and was getting into the car he became even more aggressive and forcefully grabbed for my wallet which was in the front right pocket of my PPP pants. I had my wallet double-protected with zipper and button and he grabbed the outline of my wallet through the pant material and began yanking upward. A quick, hard elbow sent him sprawling backward and I jumped into the cab and we sped away. My pocket held tight and had no damage. If I had regular pants on I would have definitely lost my wallet. Incidentally, my wallet only had money in it. I usually separated my important things- I kept my cards in the smaller pocket inside the front pocket and I kept my passport in what I call the "secret back pocket" aka " passport pocket".

So thanks very much for a great product. I never travel
foreign or domestic, short or long without at least one pair of PPP pants and one pair of PPP shorts. I recommend them often to people during travel discussions. I haven't tried the shirts or jacket but I will get to them one day.

Thank you,

Scott from Hawaii, USA