27th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Better Than A Barcelona Metro Pick-Pocket

Dear Clothing Arts,

I just got back from a trip to Barcelona/Paris/Venice/Florence/Rome - 3 weeks - wearing pickpocket proof pants/shirt. Worked great with no laundering of pants and washing shirt, just once in sink, letting air dry overnight.

In Barcelona, on the first phase of the trip, we were heading on subway with roller/carry-on bag - obvious tourist/mark - when midway through, the train stops, I waited near the door to exit.  A burly man stepped in front of me and a younger man moves behind me, impeding my exit at the next stop. I had my passport in the zipper inner pocket on left, strand of pearls/jewelry in velcro inner pocket on left, wallet in zippered inner pocket on right, cash in velcro inner pocket on right, while in both "external" zippered pockets I had bulky handkerchiefs with a ball point pen as decoy.

As I forced my way out of the train, in the crush, the young man behind me handed me my ball point pen from my zippered left pocket which he had unzipped, unbeknownst to me. I smiled as I retrieved my pen as he hurried away and felt for all my valuables - still intact - as I proceeded to the airport. Relieved at my good fortune in wearing Clothing Arts pickpocket proof clothing that I faithfully wore through the remainder of the trip - even comfortable in 95 degrees, daytime walking 8-10 miles/day in the streets of Europe.

Paul from Maryland, USA