26th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Noted Overland Traveler vs. Indian Pick-Pocket

When Explorers-Club-Member and RCGS-Fellow Ray Hyland decided to recreate the famous First Overland expedition last year from London to Singapore in an original 60-year-old Land Rover, he knew security was going to be a challenge. So Ray turned to our Pick-Pocket Proof Pants to protect him along the way.

"The truck is so old it didn't actually come with door-locks, so I knew I would need to carry all my valuables and documents on my person, at all times."

Ray's expedition was 8 months long, covering 15000 miles through places like India, Turkey, Iran, Myanmar, and Thailand, some advance planning was in order.

"I didn't have room to take much gear, so I chose 2 pairs of convertible Pick-pocket-proof pants, and two pick-pocket-proof dress shirts". This allowed me to keep everything I needed on me, gave me the flexibility to zip the legs off and roll the sleeves up for exploring ruins and street-markets, or to dress a little sharper for when I had interviews at consulates or with government officials."

Did he actually need the pick-pocket-proof clothing during the trip?

"Absolutely, the confidence I felt, not worrying about my money or papers was such a relief I was able to concentrate on other priorities wherever I was. In fact, the one place I felt should have been among the safest, a bank in New Delhi India, was one place where the clothing thwarted a would-be thief. I had placed a small wad of bills plus my Myanmar visa application in a front cargo-pocket while I stood in (a very crowded) line, and when I looked down later I noticed someone had opened the first button, pulled the flap back, but was unable to get to the second, inside button on the pocket. That saved me not only the cash, but also days of hassle if I needed to get a new Visa."

Regarding convenience, Ray added "I've always loved the ease of washing and drying the nylon shirts. I've been able to remove almost any stain, and they dry literally in minutes when I am in the tropics. These are my go-to clothes for almost every adventure."