182 & 183 Stopped Pick-Pockets: Two Stops On Our Italian Train Adventure!

Editor's Note: This stopped pick-pocket testimonial started with a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review of our Business Traveler Pants. We then followed up with Tom to learn more about the story and here is how it happened...

- Here is our follow-up correspondence with Tom -  

Dear Clothing Arts,

It was a first-time trip to Italy for the mrs. and me. I was aware there was a pickpocket problem there, especially since one of my son’s friends almost caught a fellow with his hand in his pocket. Anyway, the Rome Tiburtina station was crowded and we were trying to figure out where to find our train to Naples. We were tired from our flight, not as sharp as we should have been.
I was looking at the board of destinations and got bumped on my right side, though I felt something at my left pocket. When I reached down the zipper was halfway open. I figured he got his fingers in but had no luck. My cash, credit card, and ID were zipped inside the inner pocket of the business pants, no way he was getting to that, and our passports were in an RFID pouch tucked inside a thin book tucked inside the Velcro pocket, no way he was getting to that.
Usually, I never go into the left pocket during the day, but this was the first day and I was not as careful. In my right pocket, I zip in a photo ID, one credit card, some euros; my phone goes in the hidden pocket behind the Velcro. This is normally the only pocket I use for shopping, eating, and drinking. I never put anything in my back pockets.
We quickly figured out the trains and took them back to Rome, then to Venice, Florence, and Pisa. Pisa was very crowded too and I felt there was another attempt there, but whoever it was was completely deterred by the outer pocket.

Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, any time I go thru an airport, basically any crowded place, I wear your pants. They are the best for peace of mind. Besides security from pickpockets, I love it that I can zip the pockets shut and not worry about anything falling out. I will confess that in Italy, after that first day, I wore them every day for the three weeks we were there, Thank goodness they wash and dry fast and look great.

- Tom M. from Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey