177th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Theft and Save in Quito, Ecuador

Editor's Note: This is your third known stop in Quito & also the third confirmed stop by a pair of Women's Travel Pants.

Dear Clothing Arts,

I was in Quito, Ecuador in October 2019. I was wearing a pair of your pants with my cash, credit cards and passport tucked securely in the pockets.

Unfortunately, I was wearing a jacket with zipped side pockets. I was riding the TeleferiQo, a mountain cable car. It was crowded but I felt secure.

When we arrived on the other side both of my jacket pockets were unzipped. I never felt a thing! No one even seemed close enough to me to accomplish such a bold act. Luckily, I only lost my RayBan sunglasses, prescription (dang it), and some tourist site tickets.

Thanks Clothing Arts!

- Joanie J. from North Carolina