164th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Greeted By "Friends" In Marrakesh!

Editors Note: This is your fourth confirmed stop in Morocco and second in Marrakesh!

Dear Clothing Arts,

I have been using your pants and shirts for a few years now and always felt comfortable with my security.

I put the convertible pants to the test in the Jemma el Fna square in Marrakesh this past week, walking the souks shoulder to shoulder with tourists and locals.

As expected in the old Medina there were many “friends” directing us, some grabbing by the arm, and I felt bumps on the other side. I found my zipper lifted up to the button claps but no further. Money and cards were hidden well within the internal zippered.

Being diligent and always checking my zipper, I was surprised to see the zipper lifted. I will take the pants security as an assist at least and a save for sure!

Thanks and truly great products!

Steve L. from Ontario, Canada