105th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Rome Metro Full Contact Pick-Pocket Prevented!

Editor's Note: This testimonial came from a recent ***** review and is your 22nd stopped pick-pocket in Rome!

Dear Clothing Arts,

My order was back-ordered for about 8 weeks, but it was worth the wait. The color and fabric are awesome. It was everything I expected and wished for. I am a world traveler performing quality audits all over the world and have my share of pick-pocket attempts. The most recent one in Rome, Italy while on the train. A girl just made full body contact and that was enough to tell her to "Get away, don't touch me."

By this time I noticed she had already opened my pocket zipper on my pants. With your clever zipper design opening from the bottom up, that will immediately pose resistance in addition to the other safety features. I am truly happy with my purchase and can't wait till the next frustrated pick-pocket. I will order additional pants from you guys.

- Anthony A from California, USA