102 Stopped Pick-Pocket: Not Your Regular Cinque Terre Train Stop!

Dear Clothing Arts,

It just occurred to me that when my wife and I went on a month long vacation to France and Italy in 2017, I wore my Clothing Arts pants much of the time. While we had no issues in Paris or France, I did have an experience on the train from Santa Margherita/Rapallo to Cinque Terre. During one passage from an intermediate stop, the train was fairly packed, and I felt someone brush up against my hip. I did not think much of it at the time, but later when I got off, I found my pocket on that side had the zipper opened almost halfway. I was very grateful that nothing happened. This was October 2017. I had ordered pants and shorts for the trip; the pants arrived on time, but alas the shorts did not. Still have used the shorts later, here in the US, but look forward to our next travel adventure. LOVE the quality construction
David K from Oregon, USA.