9th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Baltimore Bandit


I purchased 2 pair of Business Traveler Pants some time ago.  My first occasion to wear them was an extended visit to Baltimore while my daughter had surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital.  Hopkins security alerted us to petty crime explaining they are a lucrative soft target.  I did feel like I got "brushed-up" while moving through a crowded entry, but all my possessions survived the encounter.  I felt very secure from pick-pockets that frequent the environs around the hospital.

Your pants are comfortable, suitable for business casual wear, and most importantly petty-crime-proof.  I had enough to worry about without adding pick-pocket theft and associated identity crisis to my list, and P^cubed Business Travel pants eliminated that worry.  Thankfully, my most important worry - my daughter's surgery - was completely successful.

Great designs are those that work, and their designers deserve recognition.  Hooah and Good Job!

Tom from Texas, USA