22 & 23rd Stopped Pick-Pocket: European Travel Insurance!

Dear Clothing Arts,

Great to see you again and I wanted to personally thank you for your wonderful products.

I had two incidents to report where your pick-pocket-proof pants were successful. While attempting to board a train in La Spezia, Italy we were accosted by a band of young 12-14 year old girls. They would group around you and attempt to pick-pocket my wallet and front pockets. To their surprise, they were unable to access both, demonstrating antagonistic chatter in Italian. Unfortunately, I observed the young group successfully pick-pocket a man's large billfold containing his family's passports, money, reservations, etc. According to the locals, this group quickly appears and disappears almost daily to victimize travelers, especially seniors, families with young children. I am pleased I am not one of those statistics.

My second incident was in Florence. While standing and eating at a stand up bar, a young man brushed by my backside attempting to push my wallet up out of the pocket. He was quickly surprised that it was not going to happen! I observed him frustrated that he was unable to access my rear pocket and he ran away.
Success once again.

I cannot comprehend travelling in Europe without your products.

Jake from San Diego