63rd Stopped Pick-Pocket: Roman Pizza Pick-Pocket è Impedita!!

Photos Taken By Mike In Rome!

Dear Clothing Arts,

I always watch TV food shows for the best places to eat before traveling. Going to Rome was no different. After a long day of tours in St. Peter's Basilica and the Museum, I looked forward to my walk around to the backside of the Vatican to a highly recommended pizza place. The place was packed and by the time my order was ready I found that someone had been working on my right front pocket. Originally, I had the zipper down with the tab inside and the fold over button flap secured yet only the zipper was moved up to that flap - I didn't feel a thing! It wasn't the 30 or so Euros I had in that first pocket but the 1600 Euros in the interior zipped pocket I was happy to find intact. These pants do exactly what they claim. I've since purchased the jacket, another pair of pants and the shorts. Great product. I would highly recommend.

- Mike from Utah, USA