64th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Barcelona Vacation Saved!

The Arc de Triomf in Barcelona, Spain

Editor's Note: This is our 5th stop in Barcelona, making the metropolis our 3rd highest ranking city for pick-pocketing incidents after Rome & Paris.

Dear Clothing Arts,

I only wear your Pick-Pocket Proof Pants when we travel abroad. The investment was justified when a pick pocket was foiled in Barcelona last week in a very weird episode.

My wife and I were walking down a cross street in a business/residential area when suddenly a white liquid hit us on the back of our heads and our backs. Of course we thought it had fallen or was thrown from above us.   As we were still in a shocked state, a man appeared who very kindly offered to help us get dried off.   He offered to take us to his apartment just down the block. Naively we followed him. When we were in the entryway, he conveniently pulled out paper towels and started patting us down. After he had patted my wife down, he moved to me. Suddenly, he was patting my wallet pocket a bit too thoroughly. I whirled around and he took off running.  

Lights of awareness came on in our heads. As we exited the entry, we saw that the man had stuffed paper in the lock to be able to use someone else's apartment. He had the buttons undone on my pocket, but the zipper protected my wallet. It cost fifteen euros to have our clothes cleaned, to get what smelled like sour milk out of our clothes. My Pick-Pocket Proof Pants saved my wallet--and our vacation.

- Ben from Virginia, USA