229 Stopped Pick-Pocket: Try Harder in Paris Next Time... They Must!

Editor's Note: Not so long ago, in a country just a plane ride away, Bob F. from Evansville, Indiana, donned his new Adventure Pants as he made his way through a crowded station in Pær.ɪs [Paris]. Bob was one with the Anti-Pick-Pocket Force after activating his Triple-Secure Cubed® Travel Guards on his front pockets. Now confident in his surroundings, he made his way through the network of underground tunnels beneath the City of Lights. Sometime during his journey, he would encounter the Dark Side of the force, BUT they were not strong enough to overcome the power of Pick-Pocket Proof Pockets...

The Clothing Arts Team is thrilled to share with you a new stopped pick-pocket testimonial today! This is your 229th known stopped pick-pocket around-the-world, and comes to us once again from Paris!

Interesting fact, pockets don't open themselves and we get stories all the time of zippers that magically move on their own. These are pick-pockets that notice something is more complex with your pockets and move on to another mark with easier pockets.

May the Anti-Pick-Pocket Force be strong on your next travel!

Here is how it happened:

Hello Clothing Arts,
I just returned from two weeks in Europe in which I wore my pick pocket proof pants. I liked them a lot.
First, they were amazingly comfortable. I ended up wearing them for the comfort factor.
Second, the zipper and button security front pockets gave me a feeling of great security in carrying my wallet and passport. I do think a pickpocket tried to get my wallet on the Paris underground as I later noticed that the front pocket zipper had been lowered to the guard and the wallet had been moved in my pocket. But it never even got close to removing the wallet.
Best wishes,
Bob F. from Evansville, Indiana