227 Stopped Pick-Pocket: Athens Pick-Pocket Prevented At The Acropolis!

Editor's Note: This is your 14th known stopped pick-pocket in Greece. This also marks another stop for a traveler wearing a pair of our Women's Travel Pants!!

Dear Clothing Arts,

My Pick Picket Proof Pants saved me today. We were in Athens, Greece visiting the Acropolis. I shoved my passport and wallet in the front pockets and fastened Velcro and zippers. I also wore my small backpack with clips on the zippers, which is supposed to be hard to get into. Less valuable items went in here.

I thought I was very careful in the crowded area, but after we were out only 30 minutes, my husband noticed ALL three zippers on my backpack were open! It appears they only took a sealed bottle of water and a small flashlight, and I had no indication anyone was touching me!

Thankful that they were just looking for $ and didn’t take anything else. More thankful my passport and wallet were safe in my pants. I may wear these pants every day through the rest of our trip through Greece and Italy!

Toni F. from Davenport, Florida