224th Stopped Pick-Pocket: I Bought These Pants For The City Of Love!

Editor's Note: Since today is Valentines Day, we think nothing say love more than a new pair of Pick-Pocket Proof Pants for your trip to the "City of Love" aka the "Unofficial Pick-Pocket Capital of the World!" This testimonial marks your 44th known stopped pick-pocket in Paris alone and your 224th around-the-world... that we know about!

Dear Clothing Arts,

My husband and I just came back from a trip to Paris. I had bought him the Pick Pocket Proof Pants for this trip.

On our second day, on the Metro, a young lady was standing next to my husband. When he moved to give her more room, she moved with him. Next thing he knew, he felt a finger in his pants pocket.

He never felt the zipper coming up, but because of the button flap over the zipper, she could not get it up far enough to take out his wallet. He gave her the stare down, and she got off at the next station. He wore those pants everyday for the next two weeks!

- Cheryl W. from Mount Joy, Pennsylvania