220th Stopped Pick-Pocket: She Said Yes, He Said No In Quito!

Editor's Note: This is your 3rd known stopped pick-pocket in Ecuador!

Dear Clothing Arts,

My husband and I are currently in Ecuador. We were accosted by pickpockets. My husband, who I could not convince to order a pair of you pants, had his wallet stolen. My wallet and passport were safe in my pants pocket.

Best purchase ever! I told him when we get home, he's getting a pair.

Pat B. from Everett, Washington

--- Here Is Our Follow-Up ---

Dear Clothing Arts,

We were in the historic part of Quito, Ecuador. We had just left The Basilica and were heading down to two more historic churches. All of a sudden a woman turns to my husband and says "Look you've got something on you!" He looks and he's covered in goo.

A man appeared behind me and turned me around. All of a sudden I had goo on me. My husband's wallet was gone that quickly but my wallet and passport was secure in my clothing arts pick proof pockets.

He's getting a pair of pants or the shirt for our next trip to Israel in April.

Pat B.