213th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Bolivian Team Blocked From Stealing My iPhone!

Editor's Note:  This is your 1st known stopped pick-pocket in Bolivia. Jonathan was wearing one of his three pairs of our Adventure Traveler Pants.

Dear Clothing Arts,

Good afternoon. Your pants saved my iPhone 12X Max Pro in Bolivia. I was at the market on a busy Sunday with my Clothing Arts pants on. iPhone tucked away safely, cash in the pocket buttoned up and zipped, and away I went.

I have traveled to 34 countries and never had an issue. Bolivia was the end of that streak!

In the Mercado, I was in a narrow section, and the crowd acted as a “funnel” channeling shoppers to the most narrow section. That’s where it happened. An older Bolivian woman stepped on my left foot. Ouch!

I thought it was inadvertent, but as I tried to move my she stepped down harder. Her accomplice, a Bolivian man, was attempting to unbutton my pocket to get the phone. Still unaware of what was going on, my girlfriend who was ten feet away saw what was happening and started toward me. She yelled my name, and it was then I realized what was happening. Off into the crowd, the pickpockets went. Saves my day and my phone.

Thank you!

- Jonathan T. from Albuquerque, New Mexico