214th Stopped Pick-Pocket: "Didn't You Feel The Younger Fellows Hand In Your Pocket?"

Editor's Note:  This is your 22nd known stopped pick-pocket in Barcelona!

Dear Clothing Arts,

Here is my true story!

I was in Barcelona Spain with my wife, daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters. We were boarding a subway, and there wasn't much time to get all 8 of us up the steps. This old guy was coming out with two younger fellows next to him making it difficult for us to get past. I pushed my way in, and the old man (I was in my 70s myself) pushed me back! Not my temperament to let that happen, so I was pushing past him up the steps. We all got in.

When we were in the subway and moving my son-in-law asked, “Didn’t you feel the younger fellow’s hand in your pocket?" Well with the excitement and getting pushed I didn’t feel a thing! But my wallet was inside the zippered secret pocket inside the Clothing Arts pants side pocket opening.

Nothing was lost! Buying more for a trip to Europe!

- Jerry U. from Florence, South Carolina