158th Stopped Pick-Pocket: iPhone Secured On The London Underground!

Editor's Note: Surprisingly, this is only your second known stop in London.

Dear Clothing Arts,

Your Adventure Pants saved me from losing my iPhone to a pick-pocket on the London Underground in early May. When the guy in the seat next to me got up to leave the train, he was promptly replaced by a passenger who sat down very hard, knocking me aside a bit on my left side.

He immediately apologized. Being suspicious, I checked where his hands were, but they were out in the open. He got off at the following stop, and I let out a sigh of relief. However, when I left the train a few stops later, I suddenly felt my right front pocket, and the zipper was up and the pocket totally open, whereas I had zipped it down before I boarded the train. He somehow had gotten his right arm and hand behind my back (without me knowing it), and pulled the zipper all the way up, (I forgot to button the flap over the pocket ), but my iPhone, which was protected by the pocket secured by Velcro inside of my right front pocket, was saved from the Pick Pocket all thanks to Clothing Arts' excellent design.

I bought my Adventure Pants for the trip to England and Scotland, but after wearing them for much of the time during our two week trip, I now wear Adventure Pants at least 90% of the time here at my home in California - and I now own 3 pairs, including a pair of Convertible Adventure Pants that I can convert to Shorts when it gets warm.

I genuinely love My Pick Pocket Proof Pants for everyday wear - they are well-made, very comfortable, and I find that the zippered pockets keep my keys and valuables from falling out - and the large Cargo Pockets on the sides of the legs are the first I have worn where the contents do not constantly - and unpleasantly - bang against my legs.

Good design like this is hard to find.

George P. from California, USA.