Points with a Crew on Clothing Arts

We are proud to be featured in Points with a Crews' post this month regarding the best travel news and notes from around the web. Points with a Crew is a blog that shares tips on travelling when part of a big family - given that his own family comprises of himself, his wife, and six children, we agree that he definitely knows what he's talking about! 

Alongside the importance of stopping pick-pockets, Points with a Crew also offers helpful tips on the best hotels in Egypt, what to do with a screaming baby on a flight and whether or not it's rude to wake someone else up on a plane when you really have to go. Points with a Crew has, well, a point: If you have to go, you have to GO!

Most importantly, one can't deny the importance of security when travelling with children. It's darn near impossible to keep tabs on your kids, your purse, your wallet, and new languages and landscapes all at the same time. Make travelling easier for yourself with a pair of pick-pocket proof pants. At the very least, you will know what is in your pocket will remain in your pocket!