Washington Post Travel Covers our Pick-Pocket Proof Pants™

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Noted Washington Post columnist Christopher Elliot included our Pick-Pocket Proof Pants™ in his weekend travel section column today! We use the most functional zippers in any casual wear garment and the story highlights the use of zippers for travel security.

Titled: There’s safety in zippers: My top picks for foiling pickpockets

"Little things sometimes make a big difference when it comes to travel safety. Like a strategically placed zipper."

"I’ll be the first to admit it: Zippers don’t make for exciting reading. But isn’t that the point? From inconspicuous pants to ties that make your checked bag harder to break into, the gadgets that can keep you safer on the road are completely unremarkable — until you need them. If you’re traveling somewhere for adventure this summer, you’ll want to pack these accessories."

"Adam Rapp, who owns a boutique travel apparel company called Clothing Arts , agrees that small features can spell the difference between being a lucky tourist and a hapless victim. In 2006, on a trip to Xian, China, he was targeted by a team of pickpockets, who took him for an easy mark.

'Luckily, we noticed something was happening just in time to watch them disappear into the crowded mass of people behind of us,' he says. “That was when I looked down at the wide-open pockets on my chinos and thought, ‘Why not combine the security of money-belts and a great pair of travel pants?’ ”

The result is Clothing Arts’ pickpocket-proof travel pants ($99-$109), which have a hidden passport and money pocket that gives you the option of layering two and even three levels of security between your wallet and the world.

Bob Nielsen, a college professor from West Lafayette, Ind., says the pants were worth the purchase price. On a recent trip to France, he had tucked his wallet and passport into the left cargo pocket of his Clothing Arts pants, sealing it with the snap and buttons.

'As we were boarding a train at a small station one stop beyond the main station at Nice, I felt a small tug at the left pocket,' Nielsen remembers. 'I instinctively slapped at the hand as I turned around to see a young woman and her male companion looking at me as if to say, ‘How dare you foil our attempt to pick your pocket!’ ”

Read Bob's full testimonial: 17th Stopped Pick-Pocket: French Train Station Stop


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