52nd Stopped Pick-Pocket: Pick-Pocket Proof Shirt Saves Paris Vacation!

Dear Clothing Arts, 

One more story about pickpockets being thwarted. We just returned from Paris last night, where we were accosted a few days earlier on the street by a small group of young women holding petition sign-up sheets on clipboards. We were emphatic about not being interested, but one of the women got right up to my chest and shoved the clipboard against me. I immediately felt her fingers in my right shirt pocket, underneath the clipboard, caught the fingers, and pulled them out. My credit card was safe in the zippered part of the pocket. I bought the pants and two of the shirts, and wore them the whole time we traveled -- and this event made me very glad I had the extra security I had always wished I had but didn't really know how to accomplish. Now I know! Thanks to Clothing Arts, and now I'm a confirmed user.

- Raymond from California, USA