Robbed in Rio: Hidden Pocket Success Story

Taken from a review left for our Adventure Traveler Pants:

"All in all I think these are a fantastic addition to any backpack. I would ideally (and intend to) always travel with them as they are both practical and stylish for all forms of travel - even when security is not as big a concern as it was form me. Incidentally I got mugged at knife-point in one major South American city and having the equivalent of $300US in my passport pocket was extremely comforting. The thief only got the $20US in my normal pockets - result!

In the future, it would be great to see a lightweight hike version of these pants with better wicking waterials that maintain the current security and unique characteristics. But as it stands the PCubed Adventure Traveller Pants are an invaluable kit addition for any intrepid traveller. Highly recommended."

- Cathal from Ireland

We have now released a lightweight, moisture wicking pair of Nature-Like Nylon Adventure Travelers as Cathal suggested above. You can order them on our Adventure Traveler page.