122nd Stopped Pick-Pocket: Paris Crowned Pick-Pocket Capital of The World!

Editor's Note: Paris overtakes Rome for the first time in the 8 years we have kept this list to become the "unofficial" pick-pocket capital of the world! This is ​your​ second stop in a row ​in Paris​.

Dear Clothing Arts,

Pick-Pocket Proof Pants Work!!

I ordered a pair of the Pick-Pocket Proof Pants for a trip to Europe in March 2019. While in Paris, on the Metro/subway, the train was very crowded, and a young lady got on and stood next to me. I felt a movement on the side of my pants and turned away from her. At the next stop she got off and I check my pocket to find the zipper had been moved upward in an attempt to get my cell phone.

Thanks to your pants I still have my phone. The pants are very comfortable to wear and wash up nicely.

- Jack W. from Tennessee, USA.​