18th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Barcelona Pick-Pocket Escape!

Dear Clothing Arts,

Back in June 2013, while on a family trip to Rome, I narrowly escaped a pickpocket attempt while boarding a bus at Termini station. I had read up on my destinations and was keenly aware of the main areas that pickpockets frequented in Rome and the other places we visited, as well as their methods. Fortunately, I was able to avoid an unpleasant situation, but it surely left me with an unpleasant taste in my mouth and a feeling of vulnerability that I do not want to have while enjoying my travels.

I first read about Adam’s pants in an article in the Chicago Tribune and it caught my interest. I was fortunate enough to meet Adam at a Travel show in Chicago and was able to see the clothes first hand. I ordered 3 pairs of pants for an upcoming trip to the Mediterranean that we took earlier this year.

While my wife and I were in Barcelona on February 28, 2015, we were heading to Parc Guell for the afternoon on public transportation. We took the subway to a bus - when we got out of the subway station, I was completely disoriented as to what direction anything was. In my moment of weakness, I feel like a big arrow was pointing at my head screaming tourist!

We found the bus stop and there were several people waiting, and none of them spoke English. There were some nice elderly ladies who sort of made me comfortable that I was going the right way, as well as a couple of other guys waiting to get on bus.

When the bus came, one of the guys that had been waiting boarded first, and the second guy graciously motioned to let me pass before him. I assumed that he would let my wife pass with me but he did not. He followed me on the bus and him and the first guy sandwiched me as I tried to validate my ticket. Sure enough they were trying to hit me!

Having been through it before in Rome, I knew what was going on, but felt much different this time as I had my pickpocket proof pants. Once I felt that sensation of violation (hands all over me that don’t belong there), I immediately moved to the back of the bus away from the two guys, Sure enough the button on my rear pocket was undone and the zipper was not fully closed. But my wallet was secure and I was confident that I was as well.

My wife and I are going to Budapest and Prague next month. I am ordering two pairs of shorts today as it will be warm there. I’ve been doing my homework and know where the pickpockets frequent there, but I have no worries. With a little diligence and my pants from Clothing Arts, I feel safe going anywhere!

Bob R from Plainfield, Illinois