231 Stopped Pick-Pocket: De-escalating The Situation In Barcelona!

Editor's Note:  This is your 23rd known stopped pick-pocket in Barcelona and your 231st overall around-the-world. William C. has been a long time wearer of our apparel since 2019!!

Dear Clothing Arts,

I just returned from Barcelona and Lisbon and wore my CA Travel pants while not in my room. Someone unsuccessfully tried to pickpocket me on the escalator at the Collblanc Metro Station in Barcelona. He was pretty good and got my rear buttons undone and partially opened the next zipper. I didn't realize it until I sat on the Metro platform a few minutes later. He didn't get my wallet!​

​However, on the escalator, I did feel a light "tickling" on the back of my pants, but each time I turned around, there was nobody immediately next to me. On the next day, on the same escalator, I realized that standing two steps behind someone on an escalator provided near-perfect access to the pants pocket of the person in front of you.​

I have lost nearly 60 lbs recently, but I am glad to have decided to wear my loose CA travel pants with a snug belt for my trip to Europe!

I am thinking about ordering a better-fitting pair before my next trip!​

- William C. from Midvale, Utah